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Jiangsu Tiansheng Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD (As"TSP") is the leading R&D and manufacturing company in botanical and herbal extraction. Being located at the spectacular Baohua Mountain, a scenic national forest park and Buddhist holy land, makes us have the common consciousness to develop and protect the environment meantime. 

In 2008,  TSP  set up an 100,000 square meters herbal cultivation base in Xinjiang province, so we have confidence in quantity and quality of our raw materials.  With traditional extraction fundamentals and modern technology,  TSP  has the ability to control and supervise every step from cultivation to shipment. The facilities audited and passed China Government Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) include raw material production line, product packaging, chemical testing, storage and inventory control of finished goods. 

TSP  has the sophisticated developing team, and well-trained line operators. Meanwhile  TSP  focuses on the scientific research, and developing high quantity products. Our products include cistanche tubulosa extract, glycyrrhizin extract (e.g. glycyrrhizic acid dipotassium salt, glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt, glycyrrhizic acid trisodium salt, glycerrhizic acid), puerarin, kurarinone, matrine, fennel oil, EGCG, etc.

TSP  is sincerely looking forward to having the opportunity to build mutural benefits with you.




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