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Tian Sheng to share with you the fall of the body favorite 8 kinds of white food

2017-10-20 17:47:55

Autumn season, autumn, annoying autumn dry also swept at this time. Most people prone to dry skin rough, dry mouth itchy throat, or dry cough without sputum and other symptoms of autumn dryness. To get rid of Qiuzao, it is important to eat properly Ziyin Runzao food. White food is usually cool and light nature, you can clear vent evil, eliminate lung fire, moisturizing organs, raw fluid, can be very good to prevent the impact of autumn dry on the human body.

  White aquatic plants

  1, lily

  Traditional Chinese medicine commonly used lily to Qingfei Runzao, Ziyin heat, spleen and stomach. Eat more lily can also be peace of mind, pure heart Chufan, for regulating the body rhythm, to maintain a good attitude is also quite helpful.

  2, lotus root

  Lotus lotus is rich in carbohydrates, rich in vitamin c and vitamin B1 and calcium, iron and other inorganic salts, also contains polyphenols, with antioxidant effect. China has a "summer should be raw lotus root, autumn cool should be cooked lotus root" argument, raw lotus cold, there is heat Chufan of the power, cooked by the cool temperature, there are stomach Ziyin, spleen qi and blood effects.

  3, water chestnuts

  Water chestnuts can thirst quencher, cooling blood detoxification, diuretic laxative, expectorant in addition to expansion. Water chestnut in the antibacterial ingredients of water chestnut British, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc. have a certain inhibitory effect.

  White native plant

  1, white radish

  White radish has the effect of increasing appetite and cough and phlegm. One of the vitamin C can help eliminate the body of waste, promote the body's metabolism. Do not eat radish at the same time when taking tonic nourishing drugs, so as not to affect the effect.

  2, yam

  Yam has "food medicine" effect, can Zishen Yijing, spleen and stomach, benefit lung cough. Make up without lag, not hot not dry, the general population are applicable. Yam has the role of stomach, suffering from diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases may wish to eat. But the yam has astringent effect, stool dry knot should not eat.

  3, white beans

  Will white beans to porridge or Jiantang clothes, can eliminate the heat, heat wet, spleen and stomach, by appetite.

  White fungus plants

  1, Tremella

  Tremella has Spleen appetizer, Qi Qingchang, Ziyin lungs effect, apply to Hyperactivity cough, dry and dry cough, gastrointestinal hot, constipation embolism. It is also rich in natural gum, long-term use can be emollient, and have to eliminate the face yellow exposed spot, freckles effect. Exogenous cold who hanged.

  2, Pleurotus eryngii

  Pleurotus eryngii is known as "Pleurotus ostreatus", can catch high human immune function, with anti-cancer, blood fat, rinse stomach and beauty and so on.

  Health care should pay attention to autumn harvest

  "Pipe" that "the beginning of the autumn gas, so all things close." Meaning that autumn yang gradually, chi gradually strong, is all things mature, harvest season. The human body should also talk about "autumn harvest": received gas, received Jin, affection.

  1, jujube received gas

  Adoption of blood can be adjusted by nature, but also by self-regulation - eating less spicy, cold food, light, sweet-based. Codonopsis, jujube and millet boiled porridge, is the gas to share.

  2, white fungus received Jin

  Tremella, lily and boiled rice with porridge, you can Yin and lungs, Yisheng Sheng Jin, for autumn dry mouth, thirst, pharyngeal, dry nose, hot people.

  3, licorice affection

  Autumn all things slowly dying, people are easy to see things thinking, to adjust the intelligence, to maintain peace and optimism. With licorice, almonds, jujube and other porridge, with Yang Xin sleep and so on.

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