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CPHI 2018 Shanghai

2018-4-26 14:09:11

Shake your hands at CPHI 2018 Shanghai.

As we all know, PCHI exhibition 2018 in Shanghai is coming and if you will be attending and would like to arrange a meeting ,please do not hesitate to let we know. 

As the leading manufacturer of licorice extract in China, we deeply desire to shake your hands on this great moment! Maybe we talk about business or just drink some tea. If you are interested in licorice extract, Please visit booth E3E32, we will not make you disappointed. 

Let's talk about this exhibition.

It will attract more than 2,800 companies to exhibit, including overseas companies from more than 20 countries and regions. The exhibition brings together many well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. While broadening buyers' procurement channels, it also creates a one-stop pharmaceutical industry trading platform for buyers to meet with the industry, collect market information, and communicate in depth.
By visiting CPhI & ICSE China 2018, you can:
Finding new partners and suppliers
Maintain relationships with existing suppliers
Broad understanding of market information
Finding and buying new products
Participate in forums and seminars to learn about the latest industry trends

Welcome to CPHI, welcome to Booth E3E32!

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